Tutorial for New L’Annee Philologique Interface

June 4, 2010
Here’s a link to a first draft of a tutorial for the new interface to L’Annee.  I’ll be teaching the interface to a class (UGA’s Summer Classics Institute students) for the first time on June 14th, so it may see some revision after that. I teach the interface “live” in the classroom, and ask the students to follow along on the computers in the teaching lab, but I give them a powerpoint tutorial to come back and refer to if they get stuck when they are on their own.
L annee philologique_online_new
If anyone would like to refer others to this tutorial, or embed it in your course pages (it does embed, but this blog style does not support embeds), feel free to do so, with proper attribution of course.

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  1. […] Unlike faculty members, librarians mainly teach one session of a class, having been invited in by the regular faculty member to cover library resources related to a class project, often a research paper.  Except at the 4000 and graduate level, I have usually never seen the students before, and am unlikely to see them again, although some do follow up for individual meetings.  I don’t have much knowledge about their background or level of competence at conducting university-level research; I can assume that senior majors and grad students know more than freshmen, but most classes have a mix of skill levels.  I usually have 50 minutes to cover topics as varied as how to use Wikipedia (very carefully if at all!), the importance of Boolean searching in scholarly article databases (searching ‘etruscan tombs with images of charon’ will net you nada in Jstor), how to parse a call number and find a book on the shelf, and how the heck to use L’Annee Philologique. […]

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