Journal Tables of Contents Alerts

July 7, 2010

Many scholarly journals now make their tables of contents available digitally upon publication of a new issue, by email and/or RSS (collect RSS feeds using Google Reader or Bloglines).  Some classics journals now provide this service.  There is a site which collects such feeds, called ticTOCs.  It currently has feeds for 16 journals categorized as Classical Studies (Acta Antiqua, Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia, Ancient Society, Antik Tanulmányok, Classical Antiquity, Classical Philology, The Classical Quarterly, The Classical Review, Forschung im Ingenieurwesen, Hermes, Hesperia, Historia, History of Political Thought, Journal for the Study of Judaism, Kadmos, Mnemosyne); depending on your research interests you may also want to search for other subjects.  Archaeology as a subject search turns up 56 titles, for example (including Anatolica, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Society, Archaeometry, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Karthago, Oxford Journal of Archaeology, Praehistorische Zeitschrift), Literature has 143, and various subclasses of History include over 200 titles.  There’s a short guide to using ticTOCs written by the Cornell Libraries for those who need help getting started.

In many of these cases, you can also go directly to the digital home of the journal (Google the title) and look for an RSS button (they are usually orange and squarish, see below) or link for a table of contents alert.

rss button

A third option is to set up an alert using an article database that provides online access to the journal.  The major Classics-specific databases do not provide alerts, but many journals are available in full-text through a generalist database; at UGA, for example, the GALILEO database Academic Search Complete, provided by Ebsco, provides current full-text coverage of Classical Philology, International Journal of the Classical Tradition, Greece & Rome, Antiquity, and many (many!) others.  To receive an email when new articles from a given journal are published, set up an alert that runs a search on the journal title and emails you when new articles are found. UGA has a guide that covers setting up alerts in several databases, including those provided by Ebsco,



  1. Hi,

    JournalTOCs http://www.journaltocs.hw.ac.uk/ has the biggest collection of journal TOCs (nearly 14,000). There are 108 listed under the subject ‘Classical studies’. Also, you can search within the TOCs, save your selected journal titles, etc.

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