Meta Moment on “Bing Scholar”

August 26, 2010

As far as I can tell, there is no Bing Scholar.  Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, does work with Wolfram Alpha to supply answers to factual & mathematical questions, and has a “Bing University” search, but they don’t have the complex agreements with multiple scholarly publishers that Google Scholar does, allowing them to index scholarly journal articles.

But a fair number of people seem to wish there was a Bing Scholar, based on the searches that lead people to my blog.  These include:

  • bing google scholar
  • bing scholar
  • bing scholar search
  • use bing to search for scholarly article
  • google scholar for bing
  • scholar bing
  • google scholar like bing
  • microsoft bing scholar
  • is there a google scholar on bing

I especially like the last one, which demonstrates how thoroughly the Google brand is attached to scholarly article searches online.  It’s like saying, “Can I buy a Big Mac at Burger King?”

So far, Google is still the only major search engine with Big Macs Scholar.


  1. i too wish there was a Bing Scholar. I love the Bing search engine, switched from Google in 2009. But I still use Google Scholar and their translation feature.
    Come on Bing, get with Scholar.

  2. http://academic.research.microsoft.com

    There is an RSS feed option there too.

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