Digital Classics: What is it?

September 10, 2010

If you, like me, are trying to wrap your mind around the Digital Humanities/Digital Classics revolution, there’s a great new resource available.  Matteo Romanello, a PhD Student at King’s College, London, is assembling a bibliography on Digital Classics as part of his research.  He has created a group using the online citation software Zotero (which has social features allowing users to share citations), and is also replicating the list at the Digital Classicist Wiki. In his post at stoa.org announcing this project, he also notes the existence of a larger and more comprehensive bibliography on Digital Humanities that Alison Babeu has assembled at CiteULike.

I’d love to see some annotations – even one-sentence summaries – describing what the articles are about!  Titles can be so opaque sometimes.  But that’s the annotated-bibliography obsessed librarian in me.  Perhaps if I can find the time to read the articles, I can add some annotations myself (one of the joys of a wiki!)  I’m glad to see inclusion of DOIs and links to online publishers for many of the citations; links to WorldCat.org records for the books/book chapters would be lovely, too.

One comment

  1. I’m also trying “wrap my mind” around Digital Humanities/Digital Classics topics.
    Enriching and annotating bibliographic datas is a good idea. Sure it is a librarian’s obsession !! We have the same scruple for the bibliographies and references in our library’s website and blog.
    You can have a look at some examples in Hadrian bibliography [http://bsa.biblio.univ-lille3.fr/hadrien.htm].
    I also made for the blog a very simple jquery script which can be useful. There is an example in this blog post [http://bsa.biblio.univ-lille3.fr/blog/2010/08/lambros-couloubaritsis/].
    If you are interested in this system for your blog or other websites, feel free to reuse it. You can also share, diffuse and adapt this script. Any improvement would be very welcome.

    You can find the script here : http://bsa.biblio.univ-lille3.fr/blog/wp-content/themes/serenity/js/booklinker.js
    And the css file : http://bsa.biblio.univ-lille3.fr/blog/wp-content/themes/serenity/booklinker.css

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