UGA Classics-Related Acquisitions in October

October 27, 2010

It’s been 4 weeks since I looked at the New Titles list from the UGA libraries for books of interest to the Classics Department.  This means I scanned through 2637 items on 10/26, looking for titles of interest.  I came up with:

  • Plato primer, Evans, J. D. G. (John David Gemmill), 1942-2009.  Location:  ‘Main Library 6th floor B395 .E93 2010
  • Plato, Mason, Andrew S.  Location:  ‘Main Library 6th floor B395 .M3875 2010
  • Image of a second sun : Plato on poetry, rhetoric, and the techne of mimesis, Mitscherling, Jeffrey Anthony. Location:  ‘Main Library 6th floor B398.A4 M58 2009
  • Aristotelian account of induction : creating something from nothing, Groarke, Louis. Location:  ‘Main Library 6th floor
  • Exploring happiness : from Aristotle to brain science, Bok, Sissela. Location:  ‘Main Library 6th floor BJ1481 .B64 2010
  • Minoan kingship and the solar goddess : a Near Eastern koine, Marinatos, Nanno.  Location: ‘Main Library 6th floor BL793.C7 M335 2010
  • Augustine in his own words, Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.  Location: ‘Main Library 6th floor BR65.A52 E6 2010b
  • Pietre e le stelle : note sul primo cristianesimo nell’alto Adriatico, Iacumin, Renato. Location: ‘Main Library 6th floor BR133.I83 A675 2008
  • Christianity in ancient Rome : the first three centuries, Green, Bernard, 1953- .Location: ‘Main Library 6th floor BR165 .G74 2010
  • Space, time, place : third international conference on remote sensing in archaeology : 17th-21st August 2009, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil, Nadu, India, International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology (3rd : 2009 : Tiruchirappalli, India).  Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor Folio CC76.4 .I584 2009
  • Seeing the unseen : geophysics and landscape archaeology. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor CC76.4 .S44 2009
  • Pioneers to the past : American archaeologists in the Middle East, 1919-1920. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor CC101.M628 U55 2010
  • Passion for the past : the odyssey of a transatlantic archaeologist, Noel Hume, Ivor. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor CC115.N64 A3 2010
  • Coping with the past : creative perspectives on conservation and restoration. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor CC135 .C675 2010
  • Archaeology : theories, methods and practice 5th ed. Renfrew, Colin, 1937-. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor CC165 .R46 2008
  • Writing ancient history : an introduction to classical historiography, Pitcher, Luke. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor D56 .P58 2009
  • Iron age and Romano-British settlements and landscapes of Salisbury Plain, Fulford, M. G. (Michael Gordon). Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor Folio DA670.S13 F85 2006
  • Cultural messages in the Graeco-Roman world : acta of the BABESCH 80th anniversary workshop Radboud University Nijmegen, September 8th 2006. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DE71 .C958 2010
  • Rural landscapes of the Punic world, Dommelen, Peter Alexander Rene van, 1966-. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DE73.2.C37 R87 2008
  • Agriculture dans la Grece du IVe siecle avant J-C : le temoignage de Xenophon, Marein, Marie-Francoise. Location: Main Library 4th floor DF105 .M37 2009
  • Local knowledge and microidentities in the imperial Greek world. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DF135 .L63 2010
  • Battle of Marathon, Krentz, Peter. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DF225.4 .K74 2010
  • Alexander the Great, Nawotka, Krzysztof. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DF234 .N392 2010
  • Alexander the Great and his empire : a short introduction, Briant, Pierre.  Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DF234.37 .B7413 2010
  • Etruschi della Valdera : forme dell’insediamento fra VII e V secolo a. C. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor Folio DG55.E87 E87 2006
  • Oxford handbook of Roman studies. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DG209 .O94 2010
  • Rome’s wars in Parthia : blood in the sand, Sheldon, Rose Mary, 1948-. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DG215.P37 S54 2010
  • Marco Aurelio : la miseria della filosofia 1. ed., Fraschetti, Augusto. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DG297 .F73 2008
  • History of Zonaras : from Alexander Severus to the death of Theodosius the Great Zonaras, Joannes, 12th cent. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DG298 .Z613 2009
  • Age of Constantine the Great, Burckhardt, Jacob, 1818-1897. Location: .Main Library 3rd floor Hargrett – S.S. Thomas (SubB) SST Gen Coll DG315 .B92313 1967
  • Costantino il grande tra Medioevo ed eta moderna. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DG315 .C66 2004
  • Empereur Julien et son temps. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor
  • Illyricum in Roman politics, 229 BC-AD 68, Dzino, Danijel. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DR1350.I45 D97 2010
  • Past in the past : concepts of past reality in ancient Near Eastern and early Greek thought. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DS62.23 .P37 2009
  • Ituraeans and the Roman Near East : reassessing the sources, Myers, E. A. (Elaine Anne). Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DS82 .M94 2010
  • Philistines and Aegean migration at the end of the late Bronze Age, Yasur-Landau, Assaf. Location: ‘Main Library 4th floor DS90 .Y37 2010
  • Eros : l’amore in Roma antica, Dosi, Antonietta. Location: ‘Main Library 5th floor HQ13 .D67 2008
  • Graeco-Roman slave markets : fact or fiction? Trumper, Monika.  Location: ‘Main Library 5th floor HT979 .T78 2009
  • Companion to Greek and Roman political thought. Location: ‘Main Library 6th floor JC73 .C67 2009
  • Monumenti antichi, fortezze medievale : il riutilizzo degli antichi monumenti nell’edilizia aristocratica di Roma (VIII-XIV secolo), Di Santo, Alberto. Location: ‘Main Library 7th floor NA1120 .D57 2010
  • Architecture in the Balkans from Diocletian to Suleyman the Magnificent, CurcŒic, Slobodan. Location: ‘Main Library 7th floor Folio NA1375 .C87 2010
  • Colloquial and literary Latin, Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA2311 .C65 2010
  • Greeks and their past : poetry, oratory and history in the fifth century BCE, Grethlein, Jonas, 1978-. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA3009 .G748 2010
  • Archivio di Senouthios Anystes e testi connessi : lettere e documenti per la costruzione di una capitale. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor Folio PA3308 .V5 2010
  • Cratinus and the art of comedy, Bakola, Emmanuela.  Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA3948.C84 B35 2010
  • Art of Euripides : dramatic technique and social context, Mastronarde, Donald J. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA3978 .M37 2010
  • Paradigmi politici nell’epica omerica, Catanzaro, Andrea, 1976-. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA4037 .C29 2008
  • Art and rhetoric of the Homeric catalogue, Sammons, Benjamin. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA4037 .S25 2010
  • Lebendige Kommunikation : die Verwandlung des Odysseus in Homers Odyssee als kognitiv-emotives Horerkonzept, Offermann, Ursula. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA4167 .O4 2006
  • Odes for victorious athletes, Pindar. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor
  • Onomastique et intertextualite dans la litterature latine : actes de la journee d’etude tenue a la Maison de l’Orient et de la Mediterranee–Jean Pouilloux le 14 mars 2005. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6027 .O56 2009
  • Cicerone : la parola e la politica 1. ed., Narducci, Emanuele. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6320 .N365 2009
  • Commentary on Lucan, De bello civili IV : introduction, edition and translation, Asso, Paolo, 1965- Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6480 .A87 2010
  • Metamorphoses. Book XIV, Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6519.M6 A14 2009
  • Ovide, figures de l’hybride : illustrations litteraires et figurees de l’esthetique ovidienne a travers les ages. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6537 .O923 2009
  • Anger, mercy, revenge, Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, ca. 4 B.C.-65 A.D. Location: ‘Main Library 3rd floor PA6665 .A1 2010
  • Idea of the library in the ancient world, Too, Yun Lee. Location: ‘Main Library 2nd floor Main Z722 .T66 2010

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