UGA Libraries Classics-Related Acquisitions: December 2010

December 21, 2010

The University of Georgia closes completely during the period between Christmas and New Year’s, so while I’ll be here until the bitter end (yes, I am working Christmas Eve and I’m not even an ER doctor!), this will be the last post of 2010 for me. I will be home with my small children until January 4th, and very busy! The UGA closure also means we will probably not be adding much to our collection in the last part of December, so I feel confident titling this post as it is.

In the three weeks since my last post, the UGA Libraries added 2011 items to the Main Library collection. Works of interest to those in Classics and related fields include the following.

  • Derrida and antiquity
    Main Library 6th floor, B2430.D483 D63 2010
  • Athens, still remains: the photographs of Jean-Francois Bonhomme, Derrida, Jacques.
    Main Library 6th floor, BD444 .D465313 2010
  • Sacra facere: aspetti della prassi ritualistica divinatoria nel mondo romano, Santi, Claudia.
    Main Library 6th floor, BF1768 .S26 2008
  • Pithoi: technology and history of storage vessels through the ages, Giannopoulou, Mimika.
    Main Library 2nd floor, Folio CC67 .B86 2010
  • Conservation: principles, dilemmas and uncomfortable truths, 1st ed.
    Main Library 2nd floor, CC135 .C667 2009
  • Finders keepers: a tale of archaeological plunder and obsession, 1st ed., Childs, Craig, 1967-
    Main Library 2nd floor, CC175 .C47 2010
  • Excavations at Chester: the Roman fortress baths, excavation and recording 1732-1998
    Main Library 4th floor, Folio DA147.C3 E93 2005
  • Evolution of a farming community in the upper Thames Valley: excavation of prehistoric, Roman and post-Roman landscape at Cotswold Community, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.
    Main Library 4th floor, Folio DA670.T2 E965 2010
  • Medioevo ellenico: the dark age XII-VIII sec. a.C.: la diaspora micenea: Elimi, Sicani e Siculi in Sicilia, Rizzuti, Luciano, 1944-
    Main Library 4th floor, DF221.2 .R59 2009
  • Thucydides, Pericles, and Periclean imperialism, Foster, Edith (Edith Marie)
    Main Library 4th floor, DF229.T6 F67 2010
  • Felicitas temporum: dalla terra alle genti: la Basilicata settentrionale tra archeologia e storia
    Main Library 4th floor, DG55.B36 F45 2008
  • Area vulcanica dei Campi Flegrei, Galasso, Daniela.
    Main Library 4th floor, DG55.P5 G35 2009
  • Suburbium II: il suburbio di Roma dalla fine dell’eta€ monarchica alla nascita del sistema delle ville (V-II secolo a.C.)
    Main Library 4th floor, Folio DG69 .S833 2009
  • Culti a Pompei: divinita€, luoghi e frequentatori: VI secolo a.C.-79 d.C., 1. ed., D’Alessio, Maria Teresa.
    Main Library 4th floor, DG70.P7 D28 2009
  • Oenotrians at Lagaria near Sybaris: a native proto-urban centralised settlement: a preliminary report on the excavation of timber dwellings on the Timpone della Motta near Francavilla Marittima (Lagaria), Southern Italy, Maaskant-Kleibrink, Marianne.
    Main Library 4th floor, DG70.T63 M33 2006
  • Administrer les provinces de la republique romaine: actes du colloque de l’Universite de Nancy II, 4-5 juin 2009
    Main Library 4th floor, DG87 .A455 2010
  • Etruschi della piana di Lucca: la via del Frizzone e il sistema di insediamenti tra VIII e V secolo a.C.
    Main Library 4th floor, Folio DG223 .E87 2007
  • Cicero’s role models: the political strategy of a newcomer, Blom, Henriette van der.
    Main Library 4th floor
  • Development of pre-state communities in the ancient Near East: studies in honour of Edgar Peltenburg
    Main Library 4th floor, DS56 .D46 2010
  • Art and architecture of ancient Egypt., Smith, William Stevenson.
    Main Library 7th floor, N5300 .P384 v. 14
  • Apse, the image and the icon: an historical perspective of the apse as a space for images, Brenk, Beat.
    Main Library 7th floor, N7832 .B74 2010
  • Arte dello stucco in Europa dalla tarda antichita€ all’eta€ gotica Corgnati, Martina.
    Main Library 7th floor, NA3690 .C67 2010
  • Pronomos vase and its context
    Main Library 7th floor, NK4645 .P86 2010
  • Early Greek poets’ lives: the shaping of the tradition, Kivilo, Maarit.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA9 .M686 Suppl. no. 322
  • Patristic Greek lexicon
    Main Library 1st floor Reference, Main Ref PA681 .P3 1961
  • Latinity and alterity in the early modern period
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA2902 .L37 2010
  • Companion to Hellenistic literature
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3081 .C63 2010
  • Poetique et creation litteraire en Grece ancienne : la decouverte d’un nouveau monde, Frazier, Francoise.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3093 .F73 2009
  • Xenophon
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA4497 .X45 2010
  • Ecritures latines de la memoire: de l’Antiquite au XVIe siecle
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6029.M36 E27 2010
  • Ragioni del sangue: storie di incesto e fratricidio nella declamazione latina, Brescia, Graziana.|
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6085 .B74 2009
  • Liebesbeziehungen in Ovids Metamorphosen und ihr Einfluss auf den Roman des Apuleius 2., verb. Aufl. Muller-Reineke, Hendrik.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6217 .M85 2000
  • Horace in dialogue: Bakhtinian readings in the satires, Sharland, Suzanne.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6411 .S53 2009
  • Nugis ignosce lectitans: studi su Marziano Capella, Schievenin, Romeo.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6511.M3 S34 2009
  • Works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, Georgics and †neis, The seventh ed., Virgil.
    Main Library 3rd floor Hargrett Rare Books

As always, this is a somewhat subjective list, especially around the margins of the discipline!

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