UGA Libraries Classics-Related Acquisitions: January 2011

February 2, 2011

In the six weeks since my last post (which time includes nearly three weeks of closure of the libraries, due to the winter break followed by a snowstorm), the UGA Libraries added  2273 items to the Main Library collection. Works of interest to those in Classics and related fields include the following.

  • In praise of Plato’s poetic imagination, Tanner, Sonja, 1972-.
    Main Library 6th floor, B395 .T17 2010
  • Augustine : a guide for the perplexed, Wetzel, James.
    Main Library 6th floor, B655.Z7 W468 2010
  • Definition in Greek philosophy
    Main Library 6th floor, BC199.D4 D44 2010
  • Breakfast with Socrates : an extraordinary (philosophical) journey through your ordinary day, 1st Free Press hardcover ed., Smith, Robert Rowland.
    Main Library 6th floor, BD431 .S589 2010
  • Ritual practice between the late bronze age and protogeometric periods of Greece, Marakas, Gemma.
    Main Library 6th floor, Folio BL788 .M37 2010
  • Cult places and cultural change in Republican Italy: a contextual approach to religious aspects of rural society after the Roman conquest, Stek, Tesse Dieder.
    Main Library 6th floor, Folio BL803 .S74 2009
  • Aramaica Qumranica: proceedings of the conference on the Aramaic texts from Qumran at Aix-en-Provence, 30 June-2 July 2008.
    Main Library 6th floor, BM487 .A845 2010
  • Dead Sea scrolls: texts and context
    Main Library 6th floor, BM487 .D447 2010
  • Routledge companion to early Christian thought
    Main Library 6th floor, BR100 .R67 2010
  • Rise of Christian beliefs : the thought world of early Christians, Raisanen, Heikki.
    Main Library 6th floor, BR162.3 .R35 2010
  • Grace, reconciliation, concord: the death of Christ in Graeco-Roman metaphors, Breytenbach, Cilliers, 1954-.
    Main Library 6th floor, BT453 .B75 2010
  • Prejudice and Christian beginnings: investigating race, gender, and ethnicity in early Christian studies
    Main Library 6th floor, BT745 .P74 2009
  • Roman watermills and settlement at Ickham, Kent, Bennett, P. (Paul), 1950-.
    Main Library 4th floor, DA690.C3 A734 n.s. v. 5
  • Case e rituali a Creta nel periodo neopalaziale, Privitera, Santo, 1977-.
    Main Library 4th floor, DF220.3 .P75 2008
  • Interpreting the Athenian empire
    Main Library 4th floor, DF227 .I58 2009
  • From democrats to kings: the brutal dawn of a new world from the downfall of Athens to the rise of Alexander the Great, Scott, Michael, 1981-.
    Main Library 4th floor, DF231 .S36 2010
  • Verso la citta: forme insediative in Lucania e nel mondo italico fra IV e III sec. a.C. : atti delle giornate di studio, Venosa, 13-14 maggio 2006
    Main Library 4th floor, DG55.B36 V47 2009
  • Lombardia, Grassi, Maria Teresa.
    Main Library 4th floor, DG55.L6 G73 2009
  • Southern frontiers: a journey across the Roman Empire, McCullin, Don, 1935-.
    Main Library 4th floor, Folio DG87 .M33 2010
  • Scipione e Annibale: la guerra per salvare Roma, 1. ed., nella Economica Laterza. Brizzi, Giovanni, 1946-.
    Main Library 4th floor
  • Roman and Byzantine Malta: trade and economy, Bruno, Brunella.
    Main Library 4th floor, DG989.5 .B7813 2009
  • Byblos, cite sacree (8e-4e s. av. J.-C.), Elayi, Josette.
    Main Library 4th floor, DS89.B9 E53 2009
  • Oxford handbook of Jewish daily life in Roman Palestine
    Main Library 4th floor, DS122 .O94 2010
  • Halicarnassian studies. V
    Main Library 4th floor, DS156.H3 H35 2008
  • World of Achaemenid Persia: history, art and society in Iran and the ancient Near East: proceedings of a conference at the British Museum 29th September-1st October 2005
    Main Library 4th floor, DS281 .W67 2010
  • Thebes et ses taxes: recherches sur la fiscalite en Egypte romaine, ostraca de Strasbourg II, Heilporn, Paul.
    Main Library 5th floor, HJ213 .H455 2009
  • “Vectigalia nervos esse rei publicae” : die indirekten Steuern in der Romischen Kaiserzeit von Augustus bis Diokletian, Gunther, Sven.
    Main Library 5th floor, HJ223 .G86 2008
  • Ceramique grecque d’Italie meridionale et de Sicile: productions coloniales et apparentees du VIIIe au IIIe siecle av. J.-C., Denoyelle, Martine.
    Main Library 7th floor, NK3840 .D456 2009
  • Ceramiques communes d’Italie et de Narbonnaise: structures de production, typologies et contextes inedits, IIe s. av. J.-C.-IIIe s. apr. J.-C. : actes de la table ronde de Naples organisee les 2 et 3 novembre 2006 par l’Action collective de recherc Centre Jean Berard. Table ronde (2006: Naples).
    Main Library 7th floor, NK3850 .C38 2009
  • Zikh Rasna: a manual of the Etruscan language and inscriptions, Wallace, Rex.
    Main Library 3rd floor, P945 .W35 2008
  • Lingue frammentarie dell’Italia antica: manuale per lo studio delle lingue preromane, Marchesini, Simona.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA2422 .M37 2009
  • Scritti minori, Zucchelli, Bruno.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3003 .Z83 2009
  • Figures de l’etranger autour de la Mediterranee antique : actes du colloque international Antiquite mediterraneenne : a la rencontre de “l’autre” : perceptions et representations de l’etranger dans les litteratures antiques, 12, 13 e.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3014.O84 F54 2009
  • Supplici e amazzoni: da Eschilo a Diodoro Siculo, Cardamone, Alfonso, 1939-.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3015.R5 D343 2008
  • Poesia tardoantica e medievale =: IV Convegno internazionale di studi, Perugia, 15- 17 novembre 2007 : atti in onore di Antonino Isola per il 70 Šgenetliaco.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3019 .C46 2007
  • Passions, vertus et vices dans l’ancien roman : actes du colloque de Tours, 19-21 octobre 2006, organise par l’Universite Francois-Rabelais de Tours et l’UMR 5189, histoire et sources des mondes antiques.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3040 .P37 2009
  • Homer between history and fiction in imperial Greek literature. Kim, Lawrence Young, 1970-.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3086 .K56 2010
  • Poete grec au travail, Irigoin, Jean.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3093 .I754 2009
  • Tragedies grecques sont-elles tragiques? : theatre et theorie, Judet de La Combe, Pierre.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3131 .J83 2010
  • Didaskaliai : tradizione e interpretazione del dramma attico
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3133 .D53 1999
  • Ritual and performativity : the chorus in old comedy New and rev. ed., [English ed.]. Bierl, Anton, 1960-
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3166 .B5413 2009
  • Theorising performance : Greek drama, cultural history and critical practice
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3238 .T44 2010
  • Von der Papyrologie zur Romanistik, Kramer, Johannes.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3343 .K73 2011
  • Gastrology, or life of pleasure or study of the belly or inquiry into dinner, Archestratos ; translated by Gian Lombardo. Archestratus, of Gela.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3873.A735 A26 2009
  • “Kleine Leute” und grosse Helden in Homers Odyssee und Kallimachos’ Hekale, Skempis, M. (Marius)
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA3945.Z5 S584 2010
  • Pindari carmina cum fragmentis, Pars II 1. Aufl. Pindar.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA4274 .A2 1989
  • Interrogating Antigone in postmodern philosophy and criticism
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA4413.A7 I58 2010
  • Scholia vetera in Sophoclis Trachinias
    Main Library 3rd floor
  • Essays in the interpretation of Roman poetry, McKie, D. S.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6142 .M35 2009
  • Scrittura e intertestualita nelle Metamorfosi di Apuleio, De Trane, Ginetta.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6217 .D42 2009
  • Blossi Aem. Draconti Orestis tragoedia, Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius, 5th cent.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6381.D8 O7 2008
  • Declinaisons: le naturalisme poetique de Lucrece a Lacan, Pollock, Jonathan.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6484 .P65 2010
  • Studies on the text of Macrobius’ Saturnalia, Kaster, Robert A.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6499 .K37 2010
  • Satyricon, Petronius Arbiter.
    Main Library 3rd floor, PA6558.E5 B769 2009
  • Tacitus’ annals, Mellor, Ronald.
    Main Library 3rd floor

As always, this is a somewhat subjective list, especially around the margins of the discipline!

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