Hathi Trust Public Collections for Classics

April 5, 2011

After yesterday’s post on e-books for classics I started working with the Hathi Trust website more closely.  It looks like right now you can only download full .pdf files if you are affiliated with a member institution (list here).  I swear that everyone used to be able to download full .pdf files!  Ah well – everyone can read books online, and the online viewer is pretty nice.  “Guests” like me can create “public collections” of works, so I started playing around and started to build a public collection of full-text works on Greek Archaeology. I was happy to find several out-of-print but in-copyright volumes from the Athenian Agora and Corinth series that seem to have been released for public use (i.e. Alice Stilwell’s Corinth Potter’s Quarter Terracottas.) This is a really valuable service to the scholarly community, and the authors/publisher are to be commended for this decision.

To build your own public collection, sign in (or sign up for a Guest account) and then follow the directions to Build a Collection.

Other existing Public Collections of works relevant to Classics:


  1. Some books — those not digitized by Google — are available for anyone to download in full PDF form.

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