Transition for this Classics Librarian

September 26, 2011

Unfortunately, my recent update on UGA library acquisitions related to classics will be my last; I am leaving the University of Georgia as of Sept. 30, 2011.

Taking over the role of Library Liaison to Classics will be my good friend and colleague Emily Luken, who already serves as the liaison to Religion and Philosophy at UGA.  She will be keeping up the office hour in the Alexander Room (currently Thursdays at 2:30pm) and working with Classics faculty to teach students about research resources. UGA-affiliated readers, do not hesitate to get in touch with her about anything related to research or the library.

I am leaving UGA due to a family move to Cincinnati, OH, which is a little amusing as it is the city where I was born, then later studied for a PhD and met my husband (in, of course, the library.)  I am just beginning to look for a library position in Cincinnati and would certainly welcome any professional contacts.  While in this forum my librarian hat is the garland of a classics librarian, I have worked in academic library general reference for 9 years, done library instruction for 3, and could find a good fit in a variety of academic or research settings.

I plan to continue blogging about classics research resources here, whatever position I end up in, but my frequency may be a reduced. Please be patient, and don’t unsubscribe!


One comment

  1. Phoebe, I can’t tell you how much the students and faculty in the Classics department at the University of Georgia will miss you. You have been a staunch advocate for classics with the library and a wonderful resource for all of us. I have personally learned a lot from you. Librarians in Cincinnati, please note that a gem is headed your way.
    Naomi Norman, Head of the Classics department

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