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Transition for this Classics Librarian

September 26, 2011

Unfortunately, my recent update on UGA library acquisitions related to classics will be my last; I am leaving the University of Georgia as of Sept. 30, 2011.

Taking over the role of Library Liaison to Classics will be my good friend and colleague Emily Luken, who already serves as the liaison to Religion and Philosophy at UGA.  She will be keeping up the office hour in the Alexander Room (currently Thursdays at 2:30pm) and working with Classics faculty to teach students about research resources. UGA-affiliated readers, do not hesitate to get in touch with her about anything related to research or the library.

I am leaving UGA due to a family move to Cincinnati, OH, which is a little amusing as it is the city where I was born, then later studied for a PhD and met my husband (in, of course, the library.)  I am just beginning to look for a library position in Cincinnati and would certainly welcome any professional contacts.  While in this forum my librarian hat is the garland of a classics librarian, I have worked in academic library general reference for 9 years, done library instruction for 3, and could find a good fit in a variety of academic or research settings.

I plan to continue blogging about classics research resources here, whatever position I end up in, but my frequency may be a reduced. Please be patient, and don’t unsubscribe!


Tytus Research Fellowships in Cincinnati

January 18, 2011

I apologize for the slow start to the spring semester here; North Georgia got 8 inches of snow plus some ice on January 9-10, and not being possessed of any tools to deal with such, closed down until most of it was melted.  UGA lost 3 days, and the public schools were closed for a week!  I hope to pick up my routine starting now.

As a former PhD student at the University of Cincinnati, and as a librarian, I can assure you that the Burnam Classics Library collection and its caretakers are exceptional.  I have also stayed in one of the campus apartments used by the Tytus Fellows; they are pleasant and clean and very convenient to the library, if somewhat minimalist (it’s been a decade – maybe a lounge chair has been added!).  If you need a place to hole up and write a book this summer, Cincinnati would a great spot for it – consider applying.  Details follow.

The University of Cincinnati Classics Department is pleased to announce the Margo Tytus Summer Residency Program.  Summer Residents, in the fields of philology, history and archaeology will come to Cincinnati for a  minimum of one month and a maximum of three during the summer.  Applicants must have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application.  Apart from residence in Cincinnati during term, the only obligation of Summer Residents is to pursue their own research.   They will receive  free university housing.  They will also receive office space and enjoy the use of the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College Libraries.

The University of Cincinnati Burnam Classics Library ( is one of the world’s premier collections in the field of Classical Studies.  Comprising 250,000 volumes and other research materials, the library covers all aspects of the Classics: the languages and literatures, history, civilization, art, and archaeology.  Of special value for scholars is both the richness of the collection and its accessibility — almost any avenue of research in the classics can be pursued deeply and broadly under a single roof.  The unusually comprehensive core collection, which is maintained by three professional classicist librarians, is augmented by several special collections such as 15,000 nineteenth century German Programmschriften, extensive holdings in Palaeography,   Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.   At neighboring Hebrew Union College, the Klau  Library (, with holdings  in excess of 450,000 volumes and other research materials, is rich in Judaica  and Near Eastern Studies.

Application Deadline:  February 15.

A description of the Tytus Summer Residency Program and an application form is available online at   Questions can be directed to

Relief carving from the facade of the Blegen Building at the University of Cincinnati.