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Happy First Day of Classes!

August 15, 2011

Fall semester classes begin today at UGA.  Here’s an inspirational quote on what demanding teachers can do for their students:

If you can get through one of Miss Lang’s Greek classes, you know that with a similar level of strategic planning, determination, and hard work you can write a book, you can survive in the wilderness, you can save a historic house from demolition, you can fix the plumbing, you can win an election, you can run your own business — whatever you want to do. In fact all that will probably be easier than the Greek was. The fact is that by believing in our abilities so firmly Miss Lang caused us to have those abilities in the rest of our lives, and that is the most amazing gift that a teacher can offer.

From a talk by Eleanor Dickey, at the memorial service for Mabel Lang, April 3 2011, Bryn Mawr College.