Late & Medieval Latin Dictionaries

June 22, 2010

Jenkins reviews only one dictionary that is limited to late latin, A. Souter, A glossary of later Latin to 600 A. D. (Main 3rd Floor PA2308 .S6 1996) – originally published 1949 (Jenkins no. 518).  This is a companion to the Oxford Latin Dictionary, whose coverage stops ca. 200AD, but it provides only definitions and some limited examples, covering the period ca. 180-600AD.  The TLL, which does cover to 600 AD, provides more detail (provided the letter in question has been reached.)

Jenkins does not cover medieval latin dictionaries, but we have a good selection of them at UGA, used by the Classics, Comparative Literature, and Religion departments (and perhaps others?)  On the shelves are (among others):

I was recently asked to explore an online product that contains many of these, the Brepolis Database of Latin Dictionaries (pdf).  It includes  Du Cange, Souter and Blaise (above) as well as Forcellini (discussed here) and Lewis & Short (discussed here), and a few other dictionaries, including historical (late medieval) ones.  It is described as expected to grow, and incorporates links to another Brepolis database, the Library of Latin Texts.

A free 30-day trial is available, but we did not request one as the funding is really not available for new subscriptions right now, so I have no comments to make on the usability of the interface.  The 3-seat option costs 430 Euros annually.

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