Resource Review: Basic Greek Grammars

September 8, 2010

As there are three choices for entry-level latin grammars, so too for Greek:

Like its parallel for latin, James Morwood’s Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek (2001) is described by Jenkins (no. 538) as “compact and focus[ed] on Attic Greek” and “an excellent reference for students; the more advanced should use Smyth.”  At UGA it is shelved at Main 3rd Floor PA258 .M89 2001.  This is probably a common undergraduate purchase, as the list price is under $20. Like Morwood’s latin grammar, although this is an Oxford publication, it is not available through Oxford Reference Online.

Smyth is the classic, A Greek Grammar for Colleges, which Jenkins (no. 541) notes is “for over 70 years the standard reference Grammar of ancient Greek for English-speaking students.”  It is available on Main 3rd Floor PA258 .S6 and the Alexander Room; as well as online at Perseus.  Jenkins does note that  “scholars will need to supplement it with” other works, which will be treated in an upcoming post.

The third choice is Goodwin and Gulick, Greek Grammar (Main 3rd Floor PA258 .G66 1930b and Alexander Room). Jenkins (no. 529) calls it  “clear and concise, although with much less linguistic background than Smyth.”

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